Disclaimer Gallery

Brooklyn, NY


WE-a collective of six people-pay $432 a month to program a room within the Silent Barn. We spend additional money on maintenance and materials. We spend time on physical labor, emotional labor, research, writing, and talking. This is balanced with our other work, other rent, and other stressors. 

We’re dedicated to sustaining a space run to showcase low income people and other marginalized groups. Low income as in low income, zero assets, zero trust funds, zero fucking beer sponsorships. 

We want this gallery to be a vivid expression of the experimental and non-hierarchical nature of the Silent Barn. We want to embrace our role within a larger organism. We want to continue and address gentrification and racial and gender disparages. We are queer, woman, and non-binary people of different racial backgrounds and that’s who we will be showcasing in our gallery. We value representation, accessibility, and fighting dominant power structures within the [art] world.