Tube Factory artspace

Indianapolis, IN

Tube Factory is a 12,000 square foot community center and non-collecting contemporary museum space curated based upon the themes of community, place, memory and mythology. We commission local, regional, national and international contemporary visual and musical artists, borrow artifact-based exhibits and create community-sourced exhibits. 

A previously vacant former manufacturing building, it is now a thoughtfully renovated home base for Big Car Collaborative’s work as well as partnership-based community meetings and cultural events.

Big Car Collaborative brings art to people and people to art, sparking creativity in lives to support communities. Two of our long-term projects, Tube Factory artspace and Listen Hear, host community and cultural programs as hubs for social connectivity, cooperation, and creativity in the Garfield Park neighborhood just south of downtown Indianapolis. We also facilitate people-focused placemaking and place keeping projects across the city and beyond  through Spark Placemaking. If you’re in Indianapolis, tune in to our non-commercial community radio station, WQRT 99.1 LP FM.