18th Street Arts Complex

Santa Monica, CA

Our Vision

Celebrating our 30th anniversary in 2018-2019, 18th Street Arts Center is one of the top 20 artist residency programs in the US, and the largest in Southern California. Conceived as a radical think tank in the shape of an artist community, 18th Street supports artists from around the globe to imagine, research, and develop significant, meaningful new artworks and share them with the public. We provide artists the space and time to take risks, to foster the ideal environment for artists and the public to directly engage, and to create experiences and partnerships that foster positive social change.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provoke public dialogue through contemporary art-making. We believe that:

- Art making is an essential component of a vibrant, just and healthy society

- Creative action is a vital part of individual wellbeing

- Humanity benefits when artists are valued