A Creative DC

Washington, DC

A Creative DC promotes emerging, established, and diverse DC perspectives across new media, showcasing and acknowledging creative community, and our local creative economy.

Through the 1.2 million pieces of content in the #acreativedc hashtag feed on Instagram, A Creative DC lends digital access to perspective on and from Washington, DC, from the people and projects who populate it – digitally and IRL. 

A Creative DC exists in the new media realm @acreativedc on Instagram and Twitter, and online at A bi-monthly podcast airs on Full Service Radio, broadcasting from the LINE Hotel in Adams Morgan, in Washington, DC.

IRL, the A Creative DC studio in Brookland is host to a rotating lineup of local, resident artists, at no or minimal cost. Throughout each residency, artists may use the space to create and show work, and to host programming, events, and other activations.

A Creative DC was founded in 2015 by Morgan H. West. It would not exist without the 1.2 million+ community contributions, content, and perspectives shared in the #acreativedc feed.