Artist Trust

Seattle, WA

Artist Trust is a nonprofit dedicated to helping Washington State artists of all disciplines thrive. Founded in 1986, we were formed by a group of artists and arts lovers who came together to create support for art at its source: the artist. Since then, Artist Trust has invested over $10 million in Washington State artists through funding, trainings, and resources and has provided programs that meet the changing needs of artists. Artist Trust helps artists establish and maintain careers through direct support, connections, and advocacy.


We provide direct support to artists in several ways: grants that invest in artists at crucial points in their careers; classes and webinars teach the business of being an artist, from financial management to marketing and social media; and online resources provide information specifically for artists about employment, healthcare, and housing, among other vital needs.


We help artists connect with other artists, gatekeepers, and supporters through events and networking opportunities, and give them the tools to create community and build audience in the Northwest and beyond.


We listen to what artists need and advocate with them locally and nationally. An annual artist survey and town halls help us discover and make visible current issues impacting the livelihoods of working artists across Washington State.