Filipino American Artist Directory

St. Louis, MO

Filipino American Artist Directory is a participatory artist project by St. Louis-based artist Janna Añonuevo Langholz to connect and make visible the broad community of visual artists of Filipino heritage living and working in and between the United States and the Philippines. Through a geographic survey of creative work being produced in the scope of US empire, it aims to turn history back on itself in the retelling of Filipino American experience as told by Filipino American artists and be a catalyst for radical change in the art world.

The project is based in St. Louis at the former site of the Philippine Village at the 1904 World’s Fair; a 40-acre exhibition of 1,200 Filipinos that largely (mis)shaped American perception of the Philippines shortly after it became a US territory. The directory reclaims the site and addresses its history by compiling a list of 1,200 artists actively exhibiting their work between the United States and the Philippines, as opposed to being exhibited. The project was founded in 2015, first inspired by the book The Decolonized Eye: Filipino American Art and Performance by Sarita Echavez See.