SOHO20 Artists Inc.

Brooklyn, NY

SOHO20 Artists Inc. d.b.a. SOHO20 Gallery is a non-profit artist-run organization that has been promoting the work of women artists since 1973. The organization was founded by a group of 20 women artists in New York City, intent on achieving professional excellence in an industry sorely lacking in opportunities for women. Since its inception the gallery has been a voice for marginalized artists, fostering growth through opportunities and resources.

SOHO20’s mission is to end gender-based discrimination in the arts by demonstrating how important art by women, queer, trans, and otherwise marginalized artists, is to our cultural well-being. By supporting the work of these underrepresented groups, we demonstrate the value, quality, and diversity of their contributions. For over 40 years, SOHO20 has provided exhibition opportunities, public programming, community engagement, and a site for the exchange of ideas, for the arts community both locally and worldwide, in an effort to dissolve the biases and limitations based on gender, race, or class. SOHO20 is now one of the oldest organizations in the U.S. that addresses the underrepresentation of women’s work in museums and galleries.