Anna Drozdowski

Philadelphia, VT

Operating nimbly across genre and institution ,Anna Drozdowski builds cultural and civic experiences to engage performance as communication. Common delivery systems include: artist exchange, gently organized chats, retreats, contemporary curation, residencies, cups of tea, and belles lettres.

She launched the Headlong Performance Institute, led the adaptive re-use of Neighborhood House, facilitated with Artists U for a dozen years and co-founded the Thirdbird performance series and ThinkingDance journal. Two decades of hybrid work shape her practice at the forefront of body-based fields -- recognized by NEA Dance Journalism and Fulbright fellowships alongside grants from the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage, TMU, DAAD, Chicago Seminar on Dance & Performance, PA Arts Council and PHL Cultural Fund. 

A grad faculty member in Socially Engaged Art at Moore College of Art & Design, Anna has recently brought forth projects with Temple Contemporary, David Lang, JJ Tiziou, Lola38, Matteo Fargion/Jonathan Burrows, Philip Glass, BlackStar Film Festival and The Crossing.  She sits on the Subcircle board of directors.

The root vegetables of Poland, Germany and Lithuania inform her first-generation interests in anthropology and immigrant work ethic.  Anna has served on panels for PCF, MAP and Kresge Arts in Detroit, as national nominator, and holds a Master’s in Performance Studies from NYU. Her itinerant studio, Cultivator, is slowly reviving a creative homestead in the Vermont hinterlands.

Anna has faith in transparency and building flexible containers for wildness to flourish.  She loves starting things, and is bad at giving up.