The Artblog

Philadelphia, PA

Artblog is an online publication that fosters community through critical dialogue about art, culture, power and access in the Greater Philadelphia region and beyond. Our online platform and on-the-ground programming amplify the voices of artists and thinkers from marginalized communities who are often left out of the conversation.

Since its 2003 fouding, our publication has grown from a two-woman passion project to a recognized and trusted leader in local arts journalism with a diverse network of dozens of regular, paid contributors.

Beyond its daily function as the publication of record for Philadelphia’s underrepresented visual artists and visual arts enthusiasts, Artblog currently has two major ongoing projects: Art Safaris and The New Art Writing Challenge. Art Safaris are guided tours which connect the public with the under-the-radar artists of Philadelphia's alternative gallery scene. The New Art Writing Challenge, which launched in 2015 in partnership with local publication the St. Claire, is a free-to-enter, open-to-all annual juried contest designed to stimulate local art writing and encourage outsider opinions.