San Juan, PR

Beta-Local is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting aesthetic thought and practices through various programs:

La Práctica, a 9-month research and production program for artists and other cultural agents. It’s designed specifically for those interested in creating new conditions, relations and positions from which to produce in and beyond established circuits. The work takes the form of a critical and practical atelier in Puerto Rico; departing from the conditions of the tropics, the Caribbean and this present time.

The Harbor, a residency program through which artists, curators, thinkers and other makers living abroad live in Beta-Local, work with the participants of our programs, develop projects or workshops and offer lectures. We seek to generate dialogue between local and international projects, ideas and skills related to art production.

La Ivan Illich, an experimental pedagogical platform through which anyone can propose a class, workshop, conference, encounter, study group or any other knowledge exchange. Sometimes groups form that meet for months. Sometimes a workshop is taught in several sessions. Sometimes a single event is enough to trigger relations that continue beyond Beta-Local.

These three programs intertwine and constantly feed off each other.