The Village of Arts and Humanities

Philadelphia, PA

The mission of The Village is to amplify the voices and aspirations of the community by providing arts-based opportunities for self-expression and personal success that engage our North Philadelphia community, revitalize physical space, and preserve black heritage.

The Village is a national leader in arts-driven community development. We believe that art is essential to our daily activities. It is creativity in thinking, in methodology, and in implementation. Our creative campus of 15 arts parks and 10 buildings is home to a suite of innovative programs that work at the intersection of  art, education, social justice, and community development in order to: amplify and leverage the creative power of our community residents; build bridges across race, class, age and expertise; question and replace unjust and ineffective systems; and stabilize our disinvested neighborhood.

For 32 years, The Village has served as an incubator for social innovation, where concepts that emanate from the community are validated and implemented. It is where community-based conceptualization and goal setting establish people’s meaningful connections to place. And it is where we are able to rekindle the spirit of humanity, together.