Institute for Expanded Research

Baltimore, MD

The Institute for Expanded Research (IER) supports artist-led inquiry and facilitates collaboration across sectors through activating non-traditional sites and resources for the production and presentation of contemporary art and by providing research and arts organizing services.

An artist project and research initiative, IER engages specific sites, topics, and people as a point of departure to explore the potential for dialogue and collaboration. IER invites artists, researchers, and other practitioners to share ideas, strategies, skills, and creative work with the ultimate aim of exploring the role artists play in society by giving proximity to their thinking and working processes.

Nebulous and flexible, IER is a constellation of practices and projects taking many forms. Current work includes: building and administering the GPL Research Residency at the George Peabody Library; engaging Press Press to produce and present a project and publication; and providing research support to United States Artists and Ford Foundation to develop a program aimed at increasing the visibility of disabled cultural practitioners across disciplines and geography and elevating their voices individually and collectively.

IER was founded by Lu Zhang, a multi-disciplinary artist who works in installation, sculpture, drawing, and text – often in response to a chosen site.