Studio Enertia

Houston, TX

Founded in 2007 by visionary Lisa E. Harris, Studio Enertia is the mixed media production collective that umbrellas Harris’s work with  other creative collaborative artists and community organizers. Artist run and operated, we are a mutable collective of people inspired to make a change in the world via art, music, activism, volunteerism, education and fun. 2013 marked the onset of the Studio Enertia Artist Residency Program in Houston, Texas.  Studio Enertia produced the first annual Free Time Flow Festival at MacGregor Park, a family friendly performance festival celebratiing the intersections of improvisation and athleticism. Studio Enertia is also the producing "Cry of the Third Eye- a new opera film in Three Acts" by Lisa Harris. Whether seeking urban retreat sprinkled with organic gardening and biking, or an opportunity to network with Houston’s flourishing art community, or simply a space to finish a project, Studio Enertia Artist Residency Program offers plenty from the heart of Third Ward, Texas.