Nyasha Felder

Philadelphia, PA

Nyasha Felder is an Alumni from the University of Pennsylvania School of Design and Morgan State University.  Orginally from Baltimore, Maryland, she holds both a Masters Degree in Architecture and Landscape Architecture and has served as the President of Diverse Design at PennDesign from 2014 to 2015 of which she has been responsible for organizing annual academic forums for students and professionals to foster a dialogue between the academic, professional, and  surrounding communities centered on environmental justice, social justice, environmental resilience, race, economics, gender and sexual orientation for a more inclusive and socially aware public spaces.  In her own work, she seeks to fuse together Afro-futurism, dematerialized networks, science fiction, landscape resilience, green infrastructure, economic development, autonomous and ecological architecture to produce places and spaces centered on the unique narratives of the social and environmental resilience, dichotomies, and identity.