Ulises is a bookshop and curatorial platform dedicated to artists’ books and independent art publications. Performing the model of a quarterly periodical, each curatorial season invites contributors to present publications, workshops, lectures, artworks, and collaborations in response to a given theme.

The name Ulises is a tribute to the work and legacy of Ulises Carrión, a Mexican-born poet, conceptualist, and avant-garde artist who was an early pioneer and theorist of the artist’s book, and the founder of the Amsterdam based bookshop Other Books and So(1975–78).

Ulises was founded in 2016 by Nerissa Cooney, Lauren Downing, Joel Evey, Kayla Romberger, Gee Wesley, and Ricky Yanas. Additional contributors include Tim Belknap, Jody Harrington, and Nabil Kashyap.