Maia Chao

Brooklyn, NY

Look at Art. Get Paid is a socially engaged artwork that pays people who don’t go to art museums to visit one as guest critics.

This artist-run project brings new energy and accountability to conversations about equity in art institutions by investing in the expertise of people who haven’t been served by them. We call out the labor and risk involved in visiting a predominantly white and affluent space.

We realized a pilot of Look at Art. Get Paid. at the RISD Museum in Providence, RI and are now working to launch the program at other art museums. 

LAAGP started as an artwork dreamt up in 2015 by two young artists, Maia Chao and Josephine Devanbu, grappling with the relevance of our chosen field to a wider public. As a collective, we are committed to collaborative and participatory art that models counter-institutions, alternative spaces, and redistribution. We seek to shift the capitalist framework of scarcity to a framework of abundance, focusing on the potential of pooled resources, bartered skills, and shared spaces.

We are guided by our mentors, Laura Raicovich, Monica Montgomery, Lisi Raskin, and Therese Quinn, among others. We are currently advised by intersectional educator, facilitator, and nonprofit leader Janeen Bryant from Facilitate Movement.