Artist Coalition for Equitable Development

Seattle, WA

About ACED

Seattle ACED is a vast autonomous assembly of over 300 individual creatives and cultural workers- which includes members and organizers of crews, collectives, grassroots nonprofit orgs, small businesses, as well as stewards of critical cultural spaces that span across the city.  Our mission is to advance creative solutions to reclaiming land, space, and agency in the physical and economic processes action on cultural communities.

Our Framework of "Equitable Development"

-Centering the interests of Seattle’s most vulnerable people over big business and politics through transparency, inclusivity, and meaningful representation. 

-Honoring and growing the living legacies of Seattle’s historically redlined districts and cultural communities, including the previously displaced.

-Acknowledging and actively working to heal the impact of historical inequity.

-Community-driven, bottom-up investment in local artists and cultural workers as stewards of communities and catalysts of change and  

-Advancing a holistic analysis of Seattle’s creative economy that validates and uplifts non-traditional forms of knowledge to promote inclusive economic growth and shared opportunity.