Megan Sparks

Houston, TX

Megan Sparks is an interdisciplinary social practice artist, poet, and art critic/writer. She is the founder and facilitator of The Resistance Healing Clinic (RHC), a series of public programs examining why we as a society—partically marganizaled and oppressed communities — have to resist and incorporate self-care and community care suvival tactics. RHC examines these ideas through the lens of history, economics, and critical theory. RCH's inaugural program, PROGNOSIS: Mitigating Resistance Burnout, was held at Alabama song in 2017.  RHC is a long- term project designed to create a resource library and toolkit so socially engaged, artists, activists and people from any walk of life can learn, grow and change and incorporate an anti-capitalist ethos into their life, work, and community.

Through her experimental poetry, she explores her own journey of healing and discovering self-compassion as a Black woman within in the kyriarchal society of America. Her art critiques and writing have been featured on Arts and Culture Texas and Not That But This. She has also been a participant in performances held at Aurora Picture Show, Project Row Houses, and Art League Houston. She is a former art adminstrator, who worked at the Houston Center Photography and intered at Aurora Picture Show. For her current day job, she works in philantrophy.

She is deeply involved and invested in the cultural landscape of Houston and the well-being of marginalized cultural producers and practitioners. Through her practice, she strives to generate fresh dialogues in order to brainstorm and develop innovative strategies and programming to make the art world accessible, sustainable and equitable for future generations by challenging and questioning the status quo.