Eepi Chaad

Houston, TX

Promoting the growth of strong communities through arts access for all

Eepi Chaad is a working studio artist, arts access advocate, and an environmentalist. Each passion feeds the other and this has informed her mission. She is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on materiality. After studying architecture at the University of Houston with a focus on sustainability, Eepi decided to shift her career path to focus on a different way supporting healthy social practices. She worked to develop her personal artistic practice while concurrently working in arts outreach by creating continuing professional development programming for artists and arts educators. Eepi spent time as a residency coordinator & teaching artist for an eco-art non-profit on the Gulf Coast that bridged the gap between arts access and ecology through public art projects and outdoor adventures to promote conservation of coastal margins. Eepi was recently selected as one of the first resident artists for the City of Houston, where she worked with immigrant and refugee populations to create communal art as an exercise in creative placemaking. Eepi currently serves as Director of Community Engagement at Art League Houston where she is spearheading the growth of the organization’s outreach and arts access programming. Most recently, Eepi has joined the team of facilitators for the Artist INC Houston program through Mid America Arts Alliance and Fresh Arts. Eepi believes that just like art, every community is built of ingenuity & creativity therefore these practices must be utilized in tandem to grow a successful and healthy society for all.