Artists U

Philadelphia, PA

Artists U is an incubator for changing the working conditions of artists. How do we as artists build balanced, productive, and sustinable lives?

Artists U has ongoing programming in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and South Carolina, and we offer workshops nationally and free online tools. Everything Artists U does is artist-led, open source, and free for artists.

Over 1500 artists have attended our signature workshop, Building a Sustainable Life as an Artist. 

The free Artists U book, Making Your Life as an Artist, has been downloaded by over 100,000 artists and is used as a textbook in dozens of university and MFA programs.

En Español: Construyendo Tu vida Artística.

Worlwide, there are over 200 Artists U Working Groups, self-organized groups of artists who meet monthly to work on the core Artists U practices (planning, finances, time management, and artist mission statements).

We did a two-year project on Artists Raising Kids. And we are in the midst of an ongoing research project called Un/Distracted: Making Art in the Age of Digital Interruption.