Toronto, CA

Momus is an online art publication that stresses “a return to art criticism,” one that is evaluative, accountable, and brave. It provides a reprieve from – and rebuke against – the toxic poles of elitism and populism that frame so much public conversation. In its first four years, Momus has worked to promote skepticism without cynicism; accessibility without infantilism; and an imperative, both aesthetic and political, to read a cultural text more deeply. As a publication, it dedicates itself to the vital, uphill work of art criticism in a mostly uncritical time.

As such, Momus has quickly become a trusted reference for those wishing to reflect on contemporary art at a slightly slower pace, and with greater focus and integrity, than online platforms typically allow. It’s been recognized by peer publications including Art in AmericaFriezee-fluxThe New InquiryLA Timesartnet News, and the College Art Association, and has attracted over 850,000 readers. Momus has also been shortlisted – twice – for the International Award for Art Criticism. It was recently featured in a Harvard University review for leading the charge in online writers’ remuneration.

In 2017, Momus began a podcast, extending its interests and approach  to “criticism in conversation.” Momus: The Podcast is syndicated by NTS radio, in the UK, with a listenership of over 500,000. It features guests Tyler Green, Morgan Quaintance, Michelle Grabner, Peggy Gale, Mike Pepi, Julia Halperin, Catherine G. Wagley, Daniel Baumann, and Nora Khan, among others, and covers topics including “conflict of interest” and “art criticism vs. art journalism.” Momus thanks the Canada Council for the Arts’s “New Chapter” grant for making its first season possible.

Momus‘s first print anthology, Momus: A Return to Art Criticism, Vol. 1 (2014-17)was published in late October 2017. This beautifully-designed and weighted compendium of our best writing to date toured Canada, the US, and Mexico in 2017-18, and is available for purchase at bookstores and galleries around the world, and here on our website (though only a few copies remain).

Our publication is a place for risk-takers, art historians, popular voices, and truth-seekers – both emerging and established – who purvey the contemporary moment from a distance while fully ensconced. Together they claim an important platform for the revival of art criticism, and present art writing that promotes integrity and clarity in its reflection on the complexities, challenges, and potential emerging from an artworld in flux.