Heshima Moja

New York City, NY

I am a composer, songwriter, bassist, vocalist, music director and arts & cultural consultant. Much of my career has been  centered around using music as a tool to develop critical consciousness. While working about half the time in popular music ranging from jazz, hip hop, and R & B, the other half of my time has been spent composing and directing/playing for theatre, for independent artists in multiple genres(folkloric music, world music, hip hop, jazz, etc). Composing music  and collaborating with artists  which address themes such as cultural memory, spacial politics, race has increasingly become my focus. 

I have shared the stage with a wide range of artists ranging from Patti Labelle, La India, Avery Sharpe, Onaje Allan Gumbs, Amiri Baraka, William Parker, The National Dance Company of Soweto, South Africa and the National Dance company of Mozambique to name a few. 

I am interested in collaborating with visual and performing artists to explore art and healing modalities, and as a vehicle for commentary on race, class, and the exploration of cultural memory, spacial entitlement, and the cultivation of critical consciousness.