Patricia Moss-Vreeland

Philadelphia, PA

Patricia Moss-Vreeland is an artist, author, TEDx speaker, and thought leader on the relationship between art, memory, learning, and creativity. Her work spans four decades and has been exhibited both nationally and internationally.

Patricia Moss-Vreeland explores memory as a meditation on who we are. Incorporating close to two decades of research into the functioning of the human brain and the construction of memory, Moss-Vreeland’s work was hailed by the Baltimore Sun in 1999, as “an invitation to think differently about memory and the creative process”. Since receiving the Art-in-Science XIV Millennial commission for her traveling exhibition, Memory-Connections Matter, at the Esther Klein Gallery, University City Science Center, Patricia Moss-Vreeland is an acknowledged pioneer on her work on memory.

She works in a range of diverse media and genres, incorporating poetry at times to suggest the ways that language and memory are intertwined. Her paintings, drawings, prints, mixed media collages, artist books, and videos, evoke an awakening of feelings and experiences, embedded in our everyday memories, probing the unexplored territory where art and science meet.

Moss-Vreeland has exhibited her work at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the Institute of Contemporary Art. Her art resides in many permanent collections, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago and The Norton Museum. Moss-Vreeland has exhibited at the Locks Gallery in Philadelphia for two decades and was selected through a national competition to design the Memorial Room for the Holocaust Museum Houston. In 1997, this permanent installation earned four awards.

Memory-Connections Matter, at the Esther Klein Gallery, was invited to travel to the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul in 2004, where it was the central focus for the Fields of Mind Conference, featuring Moss-Vreeland and her neuroscience advisor, Dr. Barbara Malamut, as keynote speakers. Moss-Vreeland’s work was included in The New York Hall of Science, Walter.O.Lecroy Gallery, Science Inspires Art: The Brain, 2015, and she was invited to have a Solo Exhibition and talk, A Parallel Universe, Trinity College, Hartford, CT, April 2016, for their 25th Anniversary of Neuroscience: The Brain Event. In 2017, Solo Exhibition: Revelations and Transformation, Layers of Memory, Penn Memory Center, Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine, Philadelphia, PA.

Her recent solo multimedia exhibition, In Search of Meaning: Memory Becomes Us, at the Esther Klein Gallery, University City Science Center, February 7 March 30, 2019. Patricia Moss-Vreeland’s drawings, paintings, prints, artist books, poetry and videos are metaphoric responses for the functioning of memory, and reside in concert with the interlacing of science texts, connecting the personal to the universal. In a series of conversations Moss-Vreeland has with Dr. Dasa Zeithamova, University of Oregon,they explore the function of the human brain to find meaning, the parallel universes of art and science, their different ways of knowing and self-expression, and the importance of stepping out of our silos and forming relationships. Moss-Vreeland integrates her ongoing inquiry about the social impact of memory in new works, adding another layer of meaning, along with new sensory components. In Search of Meaning: Memory Becomes Us, Moss-Vreeland, invited arts colleagues to create public events in her installation, Re-Writing Memory and Music Melody.

Patricia Moss-Vreeland has authored and designed the book, A Place for Memory: Where Art and Science Meet. She is a TEDx speaker, and is active in initiating interdisciplinary collaborations and leading interactive participation within her art installations.