Christine Garvey

Austin, TX

Christine Garvey is an artist, educator, and entrepreneur based in Austin, TX. Her paintings and installations have been exhibited internationally, including exhibitions with Galerie Circulaire (Montreal), Sur La Montagne Galerie (Berlin), Jules Maidoff Gallery (Florence), International Print Center (New York), and MASS Gallery (Austin).

Garvey’s work has been recognized with a Fulbright Research Grant (2016), a City of Austin Community Initiatives Grant (2019) and a Fine Arts Fellowship from Concordia University (2012). Since 2010 she's been a teaching-artist and faculty member at institutions like University of Texas at Austin, Florence University of the Arts, and Pioneer Works Center for Art and Innovation.

She writes and speaks about ideas that impact contemporary artists, including scarcity, endurance, and financial stability. Her work has been featured at Big Medium’s Creative Standard, UT Austin’s Foundational Lecture Series, and in Brooklyn Magazine.