Corrina Peipon

Culver City, CA

I am an independent consultant with twenty years of work experience in artists’ studios, museums, and galleries. I started my consulting practice as a way to use my twin interests in art and business to help creative people make their way in the world. Trained as an artist but resistant to the requirements put upon artists by the art world I was educated in, I chose to remain an amateur artist while earning a living as an arts professional. Meanwhile, I served on boards at arts nonprofits and started two unconventional businesses that functioned in a liminal space between art and commerce, exploring the idea of business as a creative medium. Acquiring professional experience and skills in my arts jobs, working on strategic planning in the nonprofit sector, and developing and executing business plans as part of my own entrepreneurial projects have given me tools and ideas that form the basis of this consultancy.

I am particularly interested in artists and art workers who are seeking new approaches to work and the workplace, considering alternative models for structuring businesses and the greater economy, and defining what it means to be successful on their own terms. For artists in particular, the broadly held definition of success is extraordinarily narrow. Let’s recognize that conventional models of success and the roads to it aren’t available to—or even desirable to—everyone and invent new ways to be in the world that are seen and acknowledged as valid. I believe that artists and art workers have the potential to enact significant change in our society’s collective assumptions about work, business, and money through radical self-determination.