Maleke Glee

Washington, DC

Maleke Glee is a cultural anarchitect, whose tools include historic preservation, visual storytelling, and educational praxis.

Maleke is a Goucher College Cultural Sustainability Master of Arts candidate (spring 2020). Maleke received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts Administration from Howard University. A native to Prince George’s County, Maryland, he takes an autoethnographic approach to much of his work, toeing the line of insider and outsider. His current research surrounds D.C.’s native Go-Go music and culture, distinct to the African American community. Glee is looking at gentrification’s disruption of underground economies, cultural perpetuation, and identity formation. 

Maleke serves as the co-founder and managing director for Aguanile, a bi-annual journal with a nuanced focus on the creative, intellectual, and sociopolitical landscape through multimedia storytelling. Aguanile is a 2019 MoCADA Creator in Residence. Additionally, he serves as the Senior Program Manager for the Prince George's Arts and Humanities Council. He continues independent writing, development, creative project management, and curatorial work.