Henry G. Sanchez

Houston, TX

Henry G. Sanchez is a project-based, social practice artist addressing issues with the natural sciences, social and environmental justice. His work has shown in New York City, Turkey, Spain and throughout the U.S. Sanchez currently maintains three art projects based in New York and Houston. In 2012 Sanchez founded the ENGLISH KILLS PROJECT, a bio-art and socially engaged project proposing community-based strategies to introduce bio-remediation in Newtown Creek, a Superfund site in Brooklyn, NY. In 2015 he established L.O.C.C.A.: Law Office Center for Citizenship and Art located within the property of his father’s former law office located in the East End district of Houston. L.O.C.C.A. is social practice platform concerned with the issues of Latinx, Hispanic and Mexican-American community and experience, and proposes collaborative art projects with artists, social justice groups and the people of the neighborhood. Recently in 2019, Sanchez initiated the BioArt Bayou-torium a bio-art project based on the wildlife and ecology of Buffalo Bayou, Houston’s main waterway. The Bayou-torium takes various iterations from a science lab in a shipment container, art installations with bio-material and video. Sanchez is a 2014 M.F.A. Art Practice in Interdisciplinary Arts, SVA graduate. He resides in Houston, while maintaining his art project in New York.