Arts Council of Windham County

Brattleboro, VT


The Arts Council of Windham County is a non-profit organization that works to foster an inclusive, connected, and dynamic creative community in Windham County. We provide targeted resources, services, and connections to ensure that all creative individuals, organizations, and practices can grow and thrive in the region.

Our work is guided by six core Values:

Connection + Collaboration We believe in supporting collaboration and enhancing the connective tissue within the local creative community by fostering partnerships, initiating dialogue, and creating shared resources for artists.

Equity + Inclusion We believe that everyone should have access to the transformative power of the arts. We seek to promote cultural equity and inclusion through our organizational policies and practices, and prioritize support for marginalized artists, organizations, and communities. 

Listening We believe that our work should emanate from and respond to community needs and interests. Through the regular practice of listening and engaging with diverse stakeholders, we ensure that our programs are relevant, nimble, and responsive to local needs.

Community + Social Engagement We believe art and creative practices can be a powerful vehicle for social change and discourse. We recognize the value and support the pursuit of socially-engaged art, and work that relates intimately to the people, environment, and social fabric of our community.

Experimentation + Emergence We believe experimental and emergent process is critical to the development of innovative and courageous creative work. Through our programs and practices, we seek to foster experimentation and to hold space for new ideas/projects/collaborations to emerge.

Sustainability We believe we can best serve the community by ensuring high-quality programs, as well as the long-term viability of the organization. Our work is guided by thoughtful planning; systems of accountability; and ongoing evaluation and refinement of programs and practices.


ACWC provides programs and services that aim to strengthen the creative community and support diverse creative practices, individuals, and organizations. Our core programs and services include:

Brattleboro Town Arts Fund: ACWC is currently rolling out the application process for the newly created Town Arts Fund (TAF). TAF provides awards up to $5,000 to enable the development and presentation of creative projects that contribute positively to the greater community and to the vibrancy and diversity of Brattleboro’s arts and cultural landscape. More information about TAF here.

Creative Convenings / Events: ACWC organizes events throughout the year focused on building connections in the creative community, listening, and sharing creative work. This includes informal gatherings and conversations, workshops, and programs like Student Art Month.

Fiscal Sponsorship Program: In past years, ACWC has offered fiscal sponsorship to local artists and creative organizations seeking grants and tax-deductible donations. We intend to reopen this program to new applicants in Spring 2020.

Website / Online Resources: ACWC will be rolling out a new website over the coming months, which will serve as a hub of information for and about the local creative community.