Adriana Monsalve

Beltsville, US

Personal, Political, Poetic

Homie House Press is a collaborative project we, Adriana Monsalve and Caterina Ragg, developed in reaction to our various encounters within the field of Photojournalism. This is for us, by us, and about us. We are urgently choosing to center femme-based narratives at the intersection of personal, political, and poetic. These ideas come into fruition through art forms motivated by photographers and storytellers and their lived experiences. 

The space was cultivated to share stories that are seen as too radical for the objective world of photojournalism. We face the problems that arise from a lack of ethnic, racial, and gender diversity, as some of the only femmes and/or femmes of colour working in this space. Our artistic practice is not here to please the viewer, but to challenge them with concepts that we value meaningful. 

Homie House Press serves as an alternative, new-school, photojournalism platform that focuses on communities working from within the edges of society, to represent personal experiences as they really are, rather than through the mediated gaze of traditional photojournalism. We combine our passion for photojournalism, storytelling, graphic design, photography, performance art, and artivism, as a means to deconstruct a dated and conventional approach. The thinking behind our practice constitutes searching for stories that are, quoting performance artist Franko Black, “personal, political and poetic.” 

Photography in the book form matters. Representation for underrepresented communities through our own experience is power. Taking narratives out of the digital and translating them as tangible art is power. Archiving them as an art book for us, by us, and about us is power. Books carry our stories and our stories are the entire fabric of humanity. If books are knowledge and photography is testimony, then this is about all of us and the agency we all have on how we will be remembered. The truth is, our stories will save us.

Fuq it all da way up, sis!