Walls Divide Press

Memphis, TN


Based in Memphis, TN, Walls Divide Press was co-founded by artists Corkey Sinks and Jesse Butcher. In the spirit of DIY self-publishing and collecting (with a focus on zines), Walls Divide Press works with artists and writers to produce works they might not otherwise have created. 

By invitation, artists are asked to provide content for a zine. Walls Divide Press handles layout design, printing, and binding. This is a collaborative process, and by offering our skills and handling the costs of production, WDP intends to establish a process that is sustainable and offers artists an opportunity to produce new and experimental work. WDP shares half of the first edition to each artist upfront, and if desired, additional runs may be made at the artist's request. The artists may distribute their portion of the edition however they see fit.

In addition to publishing, WDP runs an artist-in-residence program out of our house and studio, bringing artists to Memphis for a week to focus on a publication and a performative/social project.