Blake Paskal

Brooklyn, NY

Blake Paskal is an artist and educator based in Brooklyn. Through both his artistic and educational practices he strives to hold space for ambivalence, to challenge the binary modes of either/or thinking that are engrained in all of us, and to work through the "messiness" of human experience to find points of connection. His sculpture practice explores personal histories and memory and the ways these are mapped on to the body. The hybrid figures he creates draw inspiration from a range of sources including the natural world, biology, and science fiction. Blake currently works as a teaching artist for both the Studio Museum in Harlem and MoMA and as the Programs Associate at Visual AIDS. In all of these capacities he leads tours and programs centering queer, trans, black, POC, and seropositive narratives, and he seeks to create inclusive spaces that welcome the participation of folks both new and accustomed to museum spaces.