Carrie Schneider

Carrie Marie Schneider is an artist interested in the capacity of people to reimagine their space. She works in Houston, Texas, where her current work invites the public to renegotiate their relationship to water Post-Harvey and in the face of Climate Change via participatory play within hand-scale weather systems inside of a disco fishtank Formalized during the 2017 inaugural Fellow with Project Row Houses- University of Houston Center for Art and Social Engagement, her research on Survival Creativity amends the adage that "the greatest creativity comes from the most dire circumstances" to avow forms of support that allow silence to break. She matchmakes artists, activists, and academics across disciplines, and holds a degree from an ongoing self-made MFA program. Her work engages in art, urban planning, policy, healing, and educational contexts to invent ceremony, mark meaning, reconfigure memory, and model futures.