IMMEDIATE Fashion School


IMMEDIATE Fashion School is a rolling collective of artists and creatives working in a variety of media who aim to playfully challenge dominant systems of fashion through study, art and performance. Our work is not a rejection of fashion or the fashion industry per se, but an effort toward knowing fashion as more than just a commodity and ultimately contributing to a more equitable and empowering fashion. The dominant exchanges in fashion are centered around industry and commerce. IMMEDIATE Fashion School strives to give energy & attention to other types of exchanges in fashion - the ones between people. Our definition of fashion expands outward to include not just clothing and dress, but the unique nowness of appearing & being with others. Our philosophy is that fashion touches everyone: we all wear clothes. We believe this basic fact gives every citizen a place in the matrix of fashion, and entitles us to ask and answer questions about fashion.  

Each season we hold critical theory reading & discussion sessions, skill-share workshops, collaborative art-making sessions, lectures and exhibitions. Every new season welcomes new members into the collective and each member is considered both a teacher and a student during our workshops. Part of the thinking behind IMMEDIATE Fashion School is about creating a space where critical ideas can be exchanged among everyday citizens, rather than limiting discourse to academic institutions or circles; embracing a spirit of co-investigation. Our structure invites improvisation, and is purposefully flexible to allow space for participants to shape the direction of our work.

The goals of IMMEDIATE Fashion School are to PLAY with togetherness in fashion, create community, ask questions, have conversations, make art, share skills, empower individual citizens and create the future.  Our success depends upon representation from a multiplicity of perspectives and voices, and we seek to include creative people who are passionate about our goals and who want to contribute - regardless of race, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, age, income level, ability or background.  IMMEDIATE Fashion School strives to lead as a feminist and anti-racist collective, and seeks to open serious yet playful spaces where defaults can be challenged and assumptions can be tested through critique, discussion, creativity and togetherness.