Santa Fe Art Institute

Santa Fe, NM

Founded in 1985 by artists for artists, the Santa Fe Art Institute (SFAI) is an independent non-profit organization that fosters the intersection of the arts and community through radical imagination.

SFAI is especially committed to supporting artists and creative practitioners who are marginalized and underrepresented, including Indigenous, Black, people of color, disabled, LGBTQ+, women, and immigrant artists.

We support artists and creative practioners with interdisciplinary, thematically focused residencies, fellowships, professional development opportunities, and innovative public engagement. All of our programming and partnerships are designed to foster thought provoking conversations and inspire creative action around social justice, cultural freedom, and environmental responsibility in a safe and responsive space where the sharing of diverse experiences and approaches is celebrated.

We believe it is through our collective efforts that we can cultivate creative leadership and reimagine a more equitable world.