Ryan (raven) Crane

Nola/Houston, US

Ryan (raven) Crane is a Black, gender non-conforming, gulf south native, queer, artist, critical thinker, and curator. Raven uses archival, critical theory, philosophy, and various material mediums to explore Blackness as troubling to gender and inherently queer. They are interested in how Black fugitive bodies engage in space, inheritance, and memory under settler colonialism as well as how they move through “borders” fictitious and real.  They are deeply invested and passionate about collective power within Black, Indigenous, and person of color communities.

Black TM (Slant Rhyme and Ryan Crane) is a performance-based collaboration of Ryan Crane and Slant Rhyme that consists of essays, conversations, and archival investigations that seek to explore the paradoxes, limitations, and social ramifications of trans representation within contemporary culture, and contradictions of capitalism and its deleterious effects on black and brown bodies, movement, time, and land. 

Co-curator of the Black and Brown Mail Art Biennale; an exhibition (based in Houston, TX) as a survey of original artworks from Q/T/B/I/POC contemporary artists from regional gulf-south aimed to open Jan 2021.