Boston Center for the Arts

Boston, MA


We are an incubator of new work; a celebration of process; progress in motion.

We believe in equitable access to resources, opportunities, and experiences. 

We serve Boston’s working artists; patrons; neighbors—living, learning, and thriving together.


BCA supports working artists to create, perform, and exhibit new works; develops new audiences; and connects the arts to community.


We believe that culture is an essential catalyst for change. Therefore, it’s the responsibility of arts institutions to spur and support societal movement. We generate culture that moves people.


Opened to the public in 1970, Boston Center for the Arts has for five decades engaged creative community for public good. While the organization’s physical residence can be found in the historic South End, Boston Center for the Arts touches every part of Boston’s cultural ecosystem.

A leading force in the city’s cultural community, Boston Center for the Arts has supported thousands of individual artists, small organizations and performing arts companies, who add depth and dimension to the Boston arts ethos. Through residencies and programming, Boston Center for the Arts serves as an epicenter for an expanding cohort of artists working across all disciplines, and has catalyzed careers by providing fertile ground for experimentation and artistic risk-taking.

The artistic programs at BCA have evolved over the past 50 years, originally rooted in visual arts and theatre and expanding to encompass all forms and disciplines practiced by working artists across Boston. Through groundbreaking residency, exhibition, and performance programs, we have extended our reach and increased access points to BCA services for a wider number of artists in our communities.