Beyond Boom & Bust

Cave Junction, OR

Beyond Boom & Bust is a multi-year collaborative initiative cultivating rural economic resilience through community-based performance, with a focus on the Illinois Valley in southwestern Oregon. The Illinois Valley, as with many other rural communities in the West, has a history characterized by economic booms and busts since colonialism; cannabis has been the most recent boom, and recent regulation is having a major impact on our community.

Our first project was The (w)HOLE, a full-length documentary dance-theatre piece based on interviews with local community members about wealth, the impact of cannabis legislation, and and making a living. The (w)HOLE was developed with the support of Oregon Humanities and the MAP Fund and premiered in Ashland and Cave Junction in 2019.

We believe that the arts are a viable strategy for economic development. We are interested in approaching the economy in a way that recognizes and helps our community reclaim our agency and power. We look to use performance, conversation, popular education, relationship-building, and other arts-based approaches to cultivate economic resilience and research alternative futures to the boom & bust cycle. Our work is hyperlocal with  regional and national relevance, place-based, community-driven, and curious. In the future we hope to create and share work in other rural communities, particularly those facing major economic transitions, as well.

Beyond Boom & Bust was founded by artists Eliot Feenstra, Gina Angelique, Kari Kvittem, Sophie Traub, and Lindsey B. Jones.