asheville, NC

Since 2015, REVOLVE has been a crucible of experiment in Asheville, North Carolina. Part gallery, part studio, part performance and gathering space, REVOLVE has hosted exhibitions, events, and happenings that have busted hard boundaries between artist and audience, image and idea, inspiration and technique.

In the age of social distancing, REVOLVE has shifted its energies into two programs. One, HOME SCHOOL, offers online talks, conversations, workshops, and other lively situations that connect us as we shelter apart. The second, FIRST DRAFT RESIDENCY, welcomes artists to occupy REVOLVE’s physical gallery space in Asheville and curate their own work and interactions for the public (with appropriate safety guidelines intact).

REVOLVE’s mission is to tap into the varied creative energies of Asheville and Western North Carolina, representing different viewpoints, forms of expression, markets, and communities, connecting us with an intellectual landscape beyond our mountain borders. Founded by artist Colby Caldwell, REVOLVE aims to generate the invigorating conversations that inspire collaborations across media, disciplines, identities, and agendas.