Ten Chances Art Res

Minneapolis, US
TenChancesArtRes is an international art residency that is itinerant, discursive, and funded since 2011. It serves to bridge the gaps between and around academia, the real world, and the Hustle.

It is a place for serious artists of rigor to shift their everyday habitus in order to explore new artistic research methods and situated practice, together. We believe ideas, like people, sometimes need a second chance to find their groove. Give them three. Give them ten.

Currently sited in Minneapolis (USA) and Edinburgh (SCOT), a blend of local and guest resident artists come together each year to occupy temporary live/work residence in unique rural and urban Minneapolis and Edinburgh spaces for a three-week duration. TenX is not an escape, but an opportunity. All artists are asked to bring an open mind, an open heart, and some studio chops.

This is a time that is meant for the artists; they may use it simply to do research, or to collaborate with another resident in a new form, or to stir the beginnings of a new body of work.

Every artist receives a stipend, and travel funds if necessary, for their time. This stipend is not predicated on outcomes but rather the intellectual and affective labour inherent in the artistic process.

The Main Gathering Space, or HQ, occupies an unused urban or rural site, and is an open place for collaboration and exchange, social and studio – a working laboratory. Everyone has a key and can use it at all times. Each week, a Guest Lecturer chosen by the residents is invited to join the group for dinner, conversation and studio visits.

At the end of the residency pact, the residents retreat to their everyday lives, somewhat changed. After several months gestation, we follow the residency time with a public exhibition, book, event, or podcast, the form of which is chosen together by the resident group. 

TenChances is a unique stealthy endeavor — independent of any one institution, but intersecting with many — engendering new shifts in practice for emergent artists together on break from the Hustle.
Patricia Healy McMeans, Founder and Co-Runner
Practice-based PhD in Art candidate, Edinburgh College of Art