"A" World Update


"A" World Update Statement of Purpose

We find ourselves at a pivotal momeny in the world and/or art world where, at this time, change will be rife and anything is possible. This group is about envisioning a NEW art's about forming a group to talk about and share ideas as to "how or what"...

It is certainly worth trying something new. The new "thing" can become an influence temporarily, permanently or not at all. Discussion is always good and can even lead to the tiniest of thoughts which can make an impact on one or a few people. Thoughts that are touched upon may have the smallest of impact. Any type of impact is valuable.

This group is comprised of artists who are reresented by galleries and artists who are not, artists who teach, artists who write criticism, artists who work full time in other areas to support themselves, artists who are poor and artists who are well off.  What we have in common is our dedication to our vocation. What this group is about is trying to envision a new future for  ourselves as a group, and therefore for each of us as individuals. And And maybe working to create a new power dynamic where we are not always at the bottom. It is a place for brainstorming and and hearty discussion of ideas. This should be a place for hope and optimism, regardless of the results we end up achieving over the long haul.

"A" World Update is curently a group on Facebook formed at the start of the pandemic,  with around 100 members. It may eventually move to it's own website. Members of the group are currently discussing many issues online, for example,  art, money and values, how to give art criticism a bigger impact, what does success mean to you, and such long term projects as forming an Artists Union, reviving the Art Adoption site, and creating art appreciation videos to expand the art audience.