Flower Press

Detroit, MI

Flower Press is an equitable publishing practice centering womxn, femme, queer, & trans artists and practitioners.

We are based in Detroit, Michigan. We publish books, zines, periodicals, research, chapbooks, resources, poems, dreams, memories, stickers, magic tricks, instructional manuals, guides, maps, tapes, and more.

We will always prioritize submissions by and resources for Queer, Trans, Black, Brown, Indigenous, People of Color, Disabled, Low-income artists and practitioners.

We are committed to developing transparent, creator-focused practices and removing barriers to publishing. Here’s what that looks like.

✿ Artists retain all rights to their work forever.

✿ We offer free-of-cost or donation-based design services.

✿ We offer production advances. We are working toward the ability to subsidize production.

✿ Artists choose their publishing split with us.

✿ We distribute artists’ work without cost to the artist.

We believe in creating relationships built on mutual respect and trust, which for us means giving artists as much freedom and agency in the publishing process as possible.