Center for the Study of Art and Community

At the Center, we do two things:  First, we conduct research that allows communities to learn from cross-sector community arts partnerships around the world.  Then we help develop the arts-based cross-sector training and professional networks needed to grow the leadership to support those partnerships. We have been doing this for the last 27 years.  Our partners include folks in community development, human service, education, and public safety, cultural, and philanthropic sectors.

Here is how we define the field:

Arts-based community development (ABCD): Arts-centered activity that contributes to the sustained advancement of human dignity, health, and/or productivity within a community. These include:

·      arts-based activities that NURTURE & HEAL

·      arts-based activities that EDUCATE & INFORM us about ourselves & the world

·      arts-based activities that BUILD & IMPROVE community

·      and arts-based activities that INSPIRE & MOBILIZE

The focus of this ecosystem is on the intentions and outcomes of artists and their community partners working within and across multiple community sectors. Our approach emphasizes arts-based initiatives that produce measurable, sustained benefits and are accountable to the people who will bear the consequences of the success or failure of the work.