Casey Baden

Los Angeles, CA

Casey Baden was born and raised in Houston, TX.  She completed her BFA at New York University in 2014 and her MFA at California Institute of the Arts in 2020.

Her practice engages with concepts of subject(ivity) and object(ivity); embracing how these positionalities collapse when we engage in relationship.  Processes and materials associated with textiles serve a metaphorical function: it is through fabric’s construction – warp and weft – that a surface emerges from the interaction of threads in opposing direction.  She plays with this tension: of pseudo oppositional modalities, of holding on and letting go, of coming together and moving apart, often memorializing, or making a totem of a particular memory or emotional experience.

Her work considers the body, tactility, and language (often of a diaristic nature) in relation to time, space, and interaction.  The idea of embodying and inhabiting – both the physical body and the domestic space – is explored with aims of divorcing the household and the feminine self from concepts of private property, domestic labor, gendered emotional experience, and fixed location.  Instead, the sense of home she creates emanates from the intimacy developed between the viewers, the work, and the jumbles of human figures portrayed and imbued with electricity.  Intimacy is rendered as an infinitely -renewable communal resource as indistinct bodies converge, intersect, fall asleep, fall apart, and reconvene, leaving their imprints on the walls, on upholstery, on each other.  Through this, a sense of home or shelter is created, built through human connection rather than brick and mortar. 

She has exhibited work in galleries, academic institutions, and art fairs in Houston and Los Angeles, and has attended residencies at Haystack Mountain School of Craft and Vermont Studio Center.

Casey Baden lives and works in Los Angeles.