Rachel Jones

Los Angeles, CA

I am an artist and writer who grew up in Vermont and lives in Los Angeles. As an artist I work to create experiences through objects and exchange, with an inclination towards gleaning and ideas of reclamation, paradise, and apocalypse. I feel strongly that most things can be put to greater use than being thrown away, and am fascinated by compost as practice and metaphor. I continue to believe in art as a powerful force for individual empowerment and the collective creation of better, deeper, anti-capitalist communities. 

I have worked for money in a broad range of "art world" positions, from museum shopgirl to alt weekly arts writer to auction house communications manager. I'm most energized by the work I do outside of earning a livelihood — in addition to my own practice and projects, I have hosted community events to raise funds for Bread & Puppet Theater and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, worked as a core member of artist-run initiative Overnight Projects, and am co-editor of Tele- magazine. I am a proud member-supporter of the Women's Center for Creative Work, Democratic Socialists of America, and Friends of the Los Angeles River.