Krissy Talking Pictures

Philadelphia, PA


Can I be an artist? I don't have money to go to art school, & my identity is one that has not been reflected by or paid attention to much by institutions in the past. If I make art that is about meaning-making, collectivity, and abundance, rather than scarcity, individualism, and markets, will anyone care? Can I make art with the materials I have access to, right here, right now? What if I make art that is un-sleek in its boldness, in its sense of experimentation, in its disregard of trend? And is there a way to distrubute my work without relying on corporate social media that profits off of my unpaid work as an image producer? Can I make art that all sorts of people might feel connected to, not just the cultural elite? Can my art be for catharsis? Can it act as a space and a tool for communicating my visions for the world?


Krissy Talking Pictures...

is a collectively run video art label 

is an alternative to art institutions for those without access to them 

centers video art that is grounded in experimentation, accessibility, community, and collaboration