Shana Turner

New Orleans, LA

Shana Turner is a writer, grassroots literary instructor, and a community builder who works with groups to steward processes that map ways toward collective visions.

Shana’s work complicates the false binary between victim and offender in intra-community conflict and violence; treats wounds as sites for transformation; interrogates the construction and perpetuation of whiteness, and engages rituals of ceremony in the ordinary and extraordinary movements of everyday life. Her writing includes threads of front porches, racial tensions, stretch marks, kitchen tables, coming of age, queerness, lives interrupted by violence, natural human magic and intricacies of working-class culture. 

She is currently editing her first novel, 'We Are Not Angels,' which tells the story of an interracial, working-class, queer couple struggling to renegotiate loving roots, as the searing betrayals between family; chosen and blood, force the couple to decide where their loyalties lie.