Monique Monique Davis

Jackson, MS

Monique currently works as the Managing Director for the Center for Art and Public Exchange (CAPE) at the Mississippi Museum of Art (MMA) and also serves as the Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer.   CAPE is a Kellogg funded initiative that uses artwork, exhibitions,  engagement with artists, and programming as a vehicle to have conversations about race and equity.  Monique is responsible for creating brave spaces  that expand the visitor's perspectives and reveals our shared humanity.  Monique is deeply committed to the belief that art has the power to transform and inform us. Monique is a CPA, and a graduate of Howard University. 


Prior to her tenure at the Museum, Monique served as the Senior Program Manager for Parents for Public Schools of Jackson.  Her primary responsibility was to teach parents how to be effective advocates for their children.  This was accomplished by creating workshops that helped parents navigate bureaucratic, and often dehumanizing systems. Her career has been a winding path that has resulted in her owning and operating a restaurant, advocating for homeless veterans at the federal level, and creating safe spaces for nursing mothers.


Monique is also a practicing artist that creates "art toons"  which blend cartoons and a fine art aethestic.  She is currently working on a series that honors the life and legacy of Josephine Baker. Her work can be viewed on her website