Communitas Arts + Culture, LLC

communitas [ kuh-myoo-ni-tahs ]: Noun, from Anthropology. Usually referring to an unstructured state in which all members of a community are equal allowing them to share a common experience; also refers to the spirit or essence of “community.”

Communitas Arts + Culture, LLC (CAC) was founded in 2019 as a thought and action lab comprised of artists, creatives and cultural workers who are laser-focused on building community, equity and social justice in and through arts and culture work. 

We operate from a values driven perspective and an antiracist/decolonizing framework while specializing in three focus areas, including: artist coaching/learning, consulting, and creative development of new work and initiatives.

CAC's home base is located in Philadelphia, PA, but works nationally through an established network of professional connections, including arts//culture collaborators and colleagues across a variety of sectors and fields.