VAE Raleigh

Raleigh, NC

VAE Raleigh is a nonprofit community cultural arts organization with the mission to produce, fund, and exhibit socially-engaged art through community collaboration. VAE was founded by a small group of dedicated artists in 1980. Though our name has changed and the organization has grown, VAE stays true to its core goal of developing a vibrant, equitable, and well-resourced creative community.

VAE envisions a more equitable creative community where everyone has the resources needed to thrive.

> Art has a proven track record of being a powerful tool for creating positive social change. This power is often better understood by the opponents of progressive social change than the artists who are doing the work.

> The person closest to the problem is also the person closest to the solution. The barrier is often in the number of resources available to that person. 

> VAE turns over its resources of a knowledgeable staff, space, community standing, access to artists, and funding in an open source way to support community-led and creative solutions.

> Transparency is key to building trust.

> VAE’s open source artistic process allows us to work WITH our community instead of FOR our community. This process creates the most authentic work possible.

VAE supports artists by providing:
> a platform to showcase their work
> educational resources to expand their creative careers
> funding for their most ambitious ideas
> and connections to the resources needed to thrive