Sheila Novak

SHEILA NOVAK is an interdisciplinary artist, whose parallel practices in sculpture, mixed media drawing, and social practice explore the interwoven experiences of internal and external landscapes to ameliorate the widening gulf between our bodies, the earth and each other. Her artistic practice is centered on personal and collective narratives of vulnerability, focalizing the natural world as an extension of the body and as a locus for healing. 
Sheila has created large-scale drawings hung in the woods, delicate sculptures combining cast bronze with organic materials, and most recently, collaborative “CoVictory Gardening” to build  social solidarity during COIVD-19. Sheila’s work is rooted in the belief that personal stories and actions have profound implications on larger societal levels. Her work explores deeply vulnerable stories, which most recently have been informed by the internal landscapes of grief resulting from the loss of her mother to cancer. Her social practice work is informed by this process, creating spaces of connected healing and public grief by blurring the boundaries between public and private life.